Meals for the Week, Jan 17-23

CSA_Jan16A bit of a crazy week with evening meetings coming up, but a nice long weekend ahead first, so hopefully there’s a good balance of quick and easy and somewhat more involved meals here. The CSA this week included: sweet potatoes, carrots, scallions, beets, mint, rutabagas, collards, parsley and lettuce.

  1. With all the parsley we have some Quinoa Tabbouleh with Burgers with Feta-Yogurt Sauce and Mint
  2. Beet, Bacon and Goat Cheese Pizza
  3. Lemony Carrot and Cauliflower Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches
  4. Orzo with Caramelized Fall Vegetables
  5. A salad with: Lettuce, sautéed ham cubes, oranges. An cornbread
  6. Crab sushi

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