I am not a chef, a writer or a photographer. When I look around the web at food blogs I am amazed at the great recipes, stories about food and family, and photos to make your mouth water. This blog isn’t like those…This blog is about the food we, as a family, eat; a place to keep track of the ones we like and plan our menu for the week.

We are trying to eat better, which involves not only trying to cook more nutritiously and finding better recipes for meals, but also knowing what we are going to make during the week, so we don’t get to Thursday night and decide to order a pizza.

Dinner needs to be fast most nights. There’s Judo practice, church and neighborhood board meetings, Scouts, and any number of other things, so long, involved recipes are out. But we don’t want to resort to lots of processed foods.

I have found that with a few cookbooks and lots of random web sites, it is possible to find great meals. Before starting this site, I had a long list of bookmarks for recipes. It’s hard to organize, there’s no way to make notes to myself, and the recipes are invariably bookmarked on the wrong computer.

So the idea for this site is to organize our meals for the week, keep track of the ones we like, and we’ll see what else comes of it…

About 2 years ago, my wife found out about E-mealz. At that point we were going to the store and buying what looked good hoping to make something with it during the week. It generally worked, though there was a lot of wasted stuff that never got used and we ate out a lot. With E-mealz, we were able to plan for the week, and since they coordinate meals with items on sale, reduce our grocery bill!

That worked for about a year, but over time either their meals changed or we realized that a lot of the meals revolved around cream of mushroom soup and other processed foods–that is what’s on sale after all!

But the good thing was that E-mealz got us in the habit of planning the week’s meals, making a list, and trying to plan around the week’s sale items. We’ve been continuing to do this on our own since the summer of 2010.

The plan is to post the meals for the week, mostly linking to various recipes around the web. Some weeks will have all seven meals, some will be down a few depending on what we’re doing.

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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to feature some recipes and post it in our FB page that’s coming live soon. It’s a meat shop page. I’d like to know if it would be okay to use some of the images and recipes from your website.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

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