Meals for the Week, Nov 29-Dec 5

CSA_Nov28After a yummy and fun Thanksgiving meal with friends and family, and the awesome Salvadoran Pupusas con Cutrido from TheKitchn from last week’s menu (photos coming soon), I’m ready for some more tasty meals. Here’s this week’s CSA haul: kale, lettuce, tatsoi, sweet potatoes, beets, parsley, rutabagas, broccoli, spinach and scallions.

  1. Grilled sausages with Carrots and Rutabagas with Lemon and Honey
  2. A combination of Sweet Potato and Quinoa Tacos and Spinach and Sweet Potato Quesadillas: sweet potatoes, quinoa, spinach, adobo sauce, queso blanco, green pepper, black olives, scallions.
  3. [Chicken] and Egg Fried Rice with Napa Cabbage, adding broccoli (we still have 1/2 the cabbage from last week…and we just did shrimp, so mix it up and save the budget)
  4. Chicken Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce
  5. Beet salad with Corn Bread Croutons and [Bacon]
  6. Orecchiette with Sausage and Kale
  7. Mushroom and Tatsoi Soup (note this is for 1 serving) and grilled cheese sandwiches


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