Meals for the Week, Dec 20-26

CSA_Dec19Merry Christmas!

Here’s the CSA haul for this week…now to figure out how to work it all into Christmas dinner and other meals for a crazy week: sweet potatoes, carrots, daikon, scallions, green and red cabbage, tatsoi, mint, broccoli, hakureiĀ turnips, collards.


  1. I normally don’t link to PDFs, or recipes built to serve 48, but this Duck Carnitas Daikon Tacos looks doable. We’ll use chicken and scale down as needed.
  2. Ginger Beef Tatsoi, maybe adding the collards?
  3. Chipotle-Orange Broccoli and Tofu
  4. Grilled chicken and Hannah’s Buffalo Style Hakurei Turnips
  5. Christmas dinner to include sweet potatoes and a slaw with cabbage, orange and cranberries.

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