Meals for the Week, March 22-28

  1. A modified version of Vietnamese Chicken, Avocado & Lemongrass Salad
  2. Vegetable fried noodles, with tofu (Mark Bittman, Food Matters, p. 208)
  3. Chicken with Yogurt and Indian Spices (Mark Bittman, How to Cook Everything, p. 650) and Saag Paneer using queso fresco
  4. Mustard Baked Chicken with Pretzel Crust and broccoli
  5. Quinoa with Roasted Corn (Bittman, HTCE, p. 485), with grilled sausages
  6. Pressure Cooker Risotto with Goat Cheese with asparagus and bacon
  7. Pressure Cooker Cincinnati Chili

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