Happy Birthday Meals We Like

Hard to believe that it’s been a year! Over the first year, I’ve written 120 posts, with 47 weeks of menus…not too bad. Of course this would be a week we missed! There’s 29 recipes. I hope to do more recipes in the next year. I think I have some photos on my computer for recipes that need to be written up still.

Not sure if many people read the blog, but it has served it’s main purpose–organize our family’s dinner plans for the week. With menus made before grocery shopping we’ve kept costs under control and reduced food going bad in the fridge. So on that note alone, I’ll consider is a success and keep it going. Hopefully others find the recipes and weekly meal plans useful.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Meals We Like”

  1. Matt, I pop in now and then when I need inspiration. I always get good ideas. I appreciate your taking the time to keep up the blog. I love following the links to other blogs, it’s fun. I usually have to modify or forego your choices but it is all good stuff. Thanks!

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